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About us

LexEnergy has one overarching goal: to enable the future of energy solutions and to facilitate the transformation towards electrification. We are at the forefront of creating innovative solutions for EV fast charging infrastructure, ensuring a reliable and safe power supply that aligns with the sustainable electrification of our society. Our ambition is not just to keep pace with the advancing energy landscape, but to shape it, fostering a future where power is accessible, efficient, and rooted in cutting-edge innovation.

LexEnergy’s mission is to drive prosperity through energy solutions

  • In the face of a sustainable energy transition and escalating power needs, today’s electrical grid stands at a dynamic crossroads. The swift urbanization and rapid electrification of transport and industries mandate a grid capable of meeting surging demand.
  • However, in some areas, the electrical grid is already maxed out, making it hard to add new users. Expanding the grid is an obvious solution, but it’s a slow process. The problem gets worse during high-demand times, like cold, clear, and windless winter days, when power consumption peaks and there isn’t enough capacity.
  • These challenges can hinder power transmission and risk overloading the grid, making it difficult to accommodate new consumers, especially in regions already facing capacity constraints and power shortages.

It all started
with the grid

It all began with an understanding of the grid’s limitations. The founders of LexEnergy, forward-thinking innovators with a passion for sustainable development, looked at the strain on our outdated power infrastructure and saw an opportunity.

What if we could transform this challenge into an engine of change? What if we could reimagine the grid, easing its burden while simultaneously propelling society towards a greener, more sustainable future?

With these questions driving us, LexEnergy was born out of a profound desire to disrupt the status quo. We saw an industry ripe for innovation and had the courage to believe that we could be the ones to revolutionize it.

Our team, comprised of visionary thinkers and persistent problem-solvers, started innovating state-of-the-art solutions to revolutionize the energy landscape. We set out to create solutions that not only eased the pressure on the grid, but also optimized energy usage and catalyzed the future of EV fast charging solutions in urban areas.

At LexEnergy, our objective is clear: to empower society with next-generation energy solutions that are efficient, sustainable, and reliable. We’re not just navigating the energy transformation – we’re leading the charge.


Say hello
to LexHub

Discover LexHub, our pioneering technology that delivers fast and reliable EV charging even in areas with limited power grid capacity. The solution uses power management algorithms and a unique hardware design to deliver high-speed charging without straining the existing infrastructure.

The result? An uncompromised EV charging experience, ensuring drivers can power their vehicles swiftly and conveniently, no matter the location.

Our objective is to enable fast EV charging in dense urban areas, propelling us all toward an electrified future. With LexHub, our customers gain the freedom to install permanent EV fast charging infrastructure anywhere, making the dream of universal electric mobility a tangible reality.


Introducing LexBox, by LexEnergy, a revolutionary energy solution that optimizes properties energy consumption, aggregates resources and maximizes revenue through ancillary services and energy arbitrage.

This scalable ‘smart battery system’ can be integrated with minimal disruption into any property to act as a virtual powerplant. Stabilizing demand on the grid and delivering reduced energy costs.

LexBox can also be connected to renewable energy sources such as wind and solar, meaning that by adopting this flexible solution, we are all stepping towards a more sustainable future.